Tuesday, December 16, 2014

  Today I wrote more of the term paper due Friday. I also have the breeding tank sealed and will add water and sand tomorrow. Yesterday the featherfin catfish actually started looking for food when presented with the orange square. The sunfish still backs up slightly and waits. He has this response to all presented neutral objects. Next week I will try different colors and shapes.

Friday, December 12, 2014

    Today I didn't focus much on my thesis, besides finishing a blog post meant for Wednesday. Instead, I realized I forgot to send my test scores to 2 colleges I applied to on November 1st, making me less eligible for scholarships. I called Purdue University to see what would become of my application, and they said I was placed under normal decision instead of early. Because of this, I spent much time this period researching new scholarships. I really need this kuhli tank set up by Monday, so it seems less like I'm blowing hot air all day.

Kuhli Notes

  Today I took many notes on Java Kuhli loaches. The research from my attempt at breeding P.oblonga will be used in my final product. However, it's still not clear what it is. The website and short film ideas are most plausible, though. The biggest issue is my lack of coding knowledge. The short films will be about the audience research conducted, kuhli loaches, or a topic in fish care; they will be simply a demonstration of the work I've done and the capabilities of Koi Polloi. This post was originally intended for Wednesday, but studying for other classes led me to forget about it until right now.  

Monday, December 8, 2014

   Since I had to move it into a new tank this weekend, I am removing the convict cichlid from the experiment, as it is still trying to find a niche within its surroundings. As of now, leaving its cave makes it get attacked by the two oscars it lives with, so it will associate the stimulus with fear and not give a response.The other two fish still notice the orange square, but don't behave like they associate the stimulus with food consistently.  Because of factors such as availability, price, and rarity of spawning, I am most likely to attempt to breed black kuhli loaches (Pangio oblongus) in the spare tank. Like with the attempt to get fish to respond to certain stimuli, I will make note of my observations in my thesis spiral. I also started my term paper for this class, due on the 19th.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

  Yesterday my convict cichlid and featherfin catfish started to associate the orange square with food. I determined this by the fish swimming to where food's given when the stimulus was presented. When all three fish respond specifically to the square I will test the other shape / color combinations. Today I e-mailed my advisor about my progress and registered my Texas A&M ID.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

     So far, I haven't gotten the desired response from my fish yet when presented with the orange square stimulus. I think I'll have results by the end of the week. All three fish at least have proven awareness of the environment outside of their confines, but the information I do have is too subjective to use. Data will come in due time. The spare breeding tank will be prepared and cycled this week for a not-yet decided fish species. When the tank is set up, I will make detailed observations of what goes on inside so if the fish do spawn, it won't be one of the flukes sporadically reported online. As of now, I still haven't done much for preservation of wild habitats, as I need to find a good place to donate to.